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Fall in 💖 with your house again 🏠

Fall in 💖 with your house again 🏠

Did you love your house when you bought it? No matter how long you live with it, your love dulls a little. Here’s a KJA aphrodisiac for your pad.

This Valentine’s Day love your house with these easy steps:

1. The easiest way to love your house is to clean the junk out. (One room at a time; otherwise it’s overwhelming.)

2. Once the clutter is gone, the room is ready for loving.

3. Go through the room and rid it of old papers, junk mail etc. Then vacuum and dust it. 

4. Focus on the best features of your house. If your house has beautiful mouldings, lovely floors, or a beautiful view, then highlight those things by fresh paint, cleaning your windows or refinishing the floors. Maybe you’d like to replace a worn-out rug or faded curtains.

5. Now look at your furniture. Do the sofa, chairs, dining room chair seats look stylish? And I don’t mean trendy. I’m all about old things, antique things, sentimental things. Just look at your stuff and decide if it’s lovely or dated. If you can’t figure that out by yourself, then call us. No one has done more with old furniture than we have. There are many ways to freshen up the antiques.

6. Buy something new for each room that you want to enjoy. A new big bowl for fruit in the kitchen, new towels for the guest bath (even for your own bathroom), fresh flowers are my favorite pick me up.

7. Clean off your front entrance! Sweep the porch. Add fresh paint as needed. Trim the bushes out front. You get the idea. Many outdoor light fixtures get ruined by the weather. If you think your lights by the front door might be too small- they are.

8. Call the TEAM to help you. We are VERY romantic!

  • Corinne E Dial
    Posted at 13:59h, 13 February Reply

    Katherine, I love all your suggestions. They inspire me a lot.
    Thank you.

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