Smaller doesn’t have to be tighter! Our latest before and after with Susan Boyd. - Katherine J. Anderson Design / Interiors
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Smaller doesn’t have to be tighter! Our latest before and after with Susan Boyd.

Smaller doesn’t have to be tighter! Our latest before and after with Susan Boyd.



Susan said she wanted the foyer to feel large, so it was her idea to add a full wall of antiqued mirrors on one side. Jane’s custom hall table combined with the painting talent of Charles Stevens from MS Colours, is the focal point. The size was crucial to the small hall.



In this kitchen, the cabinets were exchanged for custom, similar to the house that Susan lived in before.  Lighting was paramount to her, so the creamy color is easy on the eyes. We added undercounter LED lights to add light and a feeling of spaciousness.  We highlighted the opening above the sink for the print hung there.



Susan wanted a contemporary look for a change in her new space, so in the living room we removed the built-ins around the window and added a more interesting one over the porch door. Jane built this to house a long-collected assortment of books and objects d’art. The sectional sofa fits the space perfectly and adds to the contemporary without losing the cozy feeling. The usual upholstered chair got and update with the broad tape at the hem.



Since this apartment is on the top floor, we had the ability to raise the ceiling several feet. Once this was done, the doorways looked short, so we added moldings to pull the eye up, without having to replace the doors. The wonderful tree and stars wallpaper gives this room a surprise. The studio sofa opens into a comfortable bed for guests. So, this charming room can be used to sleep, do office work or relax and watch TV.



We wanted this bathroom to combine beauty with plenty of light so the gold mirror with great lights on each side was mounted to a full mirror.



This plain little room had the most dramatic transformation. New cabinets with mirrored backing, lights, and glass doors added to Charles’ specially designed striped walls combined with an extremely reflective ceiling adds light and interest. We have a custom table for the small space with old chairs updated with paint and fabric to add to the sense of fun.

  • Mary Belser
    Posted at 12:43h, 15 May Reply

    Susan and I had a wonderful visit yesterday. She gave me a tour of her new home. Fabulous! It is fun to see the before now that I’ve experienced the after!

    Mary Belser

  • Susan Craig
    Posted at 13:20h, 15 May Reply

    Perfectly beautiful!

  • Cullen Zawada
    Posted at 19:23h, 21 May Reply

    Katherine, I want my condo to look just like this? So I need to play the lottery???


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