🥂🍾KJA's Kitchen Bubbles 3 with Susan Hogue of Shandon 🏡 - Katherine J. Anderson Design / Interiors
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🥂🍾KJA’s Kitchen Bubbles 3 with Susan Hogue of Shandon 🏡

🥂🍾KJA’s Kitchen Bubbles 3 with Susan Hogue of Shandon 🏡



The challenge of this project was to open up and blend three spaces –  kitchen, family room and sunroom addition.  All of the windows in the sunroom show off the beautiful back yard.



The palette for the entire scheme started with the one of a kind pendants from One Eared Cow that Susan already had.



We created a new bar area in the kitchen to showcase the pendants, which are complemented by Jane Hearn’s custom countertop.


We selected wallpaper for the powder room with a vivid shade of green, a favorite of Susan’s.



The vibrant green color from the wall paper carries through in the sunroom by adding green paint and a custom countertop to an old credenza.

All done!  Our  celebration begins!


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